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Apresentação do Curso

ISCTE Business School is one of the leading business schools in Portugal whose faculty members and research continue to appear at the forefront of investigation topics in International Management. Distinguished by its applied approach towards business the school’s focus on community and economic outreach has led to the development of various programmes in partnership with local community and other organisations.

The MSc in International Management is taught entirely in English and is open to students that possess a Bachelor’s degree in the area of Management or relevant experience in international business. This highly competitive academic programme prepares students to take the next steps professionally, to work within global business enterprises and internationally-connected organisations or academically to pursue research questions.



The aim of the master is to provide specialised training of academic nature with research activity, innovation and the deepening of professional skills in the field of international management.

MIM is designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and analytical skills that will allow them to play key roles within international business contexts and environments. To help our students achieve their career goals, the study plan offered by MIM brings together a global perspective, tools for the development of strategic management and knowledge of the principle challenges faced by international managers.

The MSc in International Management’s core focus is on:

  • Personal skills training;
  • Applied and practical approach towards international business that will allow students to develop their understanding of international managerial frameworks;
  • Awareness of how the different processes that are characteristic of our globalised world affect how we do business internationally.

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