MSc in Business Administration

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Apresentação do curso

The MSc in BA is a full-time programme designed for undergraduate students with a bachelor in areas that are not management-related (i.e., excludes management, finance, accounting, marketing management, human resources management bachelors), that delivers the contents of an MBA to students with little or no work experience whilst also giving the higher academic title of Master of Science in Business Administration. The MSc in BA provides applied general management knowledge that will enable you to develop the skills required to engage in a dynamic and rewarding career in today’s globalised world.



Goal 1 – Display effective written communication skills, including the following aspects: produce a well-structured document; demonstrate that the key messages have been clearly identified; express theoretical arguments to a specific application; summarize ideas and conclusions.

Goal 2 – Display effective oral communication skills, including the following aspects: select the appropriate format for a given presentation; demonstrate confidence and that the communication was well-prepared; develop and make presentations with impact.

Goal 3 – Develop critical thinking skills, including the following aspects: select and interpret relevant data and references from academic and non-academic sources; identify and debate ethical issues in business and management; formulate well-supported conclusions or solutions, apply appropriate methodologies or formulas to analyze and assess business issues and problems.

Goal 4 – To understand the roles of general and strategic management in companies including the following aspects: understand and assess the role of strategy and strategic management in international companies; analyze the external and internal contexts of a company for strategic purposes; understand the role of management functional areas in the strategic process.

Goal 5 – Our graduates will understand that HR management and leadership are key for leveraging people as key players in organizations including the following aspects: understanding and assess HR issues in organizations; understand and assess leadership theories and approaches in organizations.

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