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Apresentação do Curso

The world is moving at a very fast pace and modern business is increasingly global.

This Master was specially designed to meet the needs and trends of the global marketplace.

The course is fully taught in English and it is an innovative academic experience with its international focus, its emphasis on digital, ethical and sustainable marketing and its strong links with industry.

The philosophy behind this Master favors open knowledge and discovery-led learning, where all stakeholders contribute to the learning process.

Furthermore, it is fostered a culture of learning by doing: putting theory into practice with hands-on industry partnerships, live case studies, practical workshops and teamwork. Upon completion of this course students will be equipped with the comprehensive knowledge, expertise and skills needed to build a successful career in international settings.



This Master aims at developing students’ competencies to become marketing professionals with a global mindset. Students will be able to understand how to shape the future, how to solve complex problems, how to be able to think and work strategically, and how to become emotionally intelligent and socially responsible managers.
Also, students will acquire the knowledge and skills to work in multinational corporations, SMEs operating globally or specialist marketing agencies, in positions involving strategic marketing management, brand management, digital marketing, among others.
Potential careers include: International Marketing Manager, Business Development Manager, Market Research Analyst, Global Product Manager, Digital Marketing Strategist, Brand Manager, Strategy Consultant, Marketing Partnerships Manager, Customer Experience Manager, Transformation and Innovation Manager, Chief Marketing Officer, International Marketing Professor.

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