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Apresentação do Curso

The master degree in Creative Computing and Artificial Intelligence aims to be a strong option for professionals whose activities require the development of new skills in emerging technological areas, in order to respond to the permanent challenges of the industry. It is a pioneering program in Portugal and Europe, which brings technology closer to creativity and art, and aims to operate in the emerging areas of these intersections.

This master covers areas as diverse as artificial intelligence, creative computing, IoT, emerging technologies, machine learning, computer graphics, which, integrated, allow the development of complex projects related to intelligent systems, interactive virtual and augmented reality, holograms, autonomous robots, among others.

Based on a project-based learning methodology (PBL), this master allows students to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical application in the development of multi-disciplinary projects focused on solving complex challenges.



  • Based on innovative and pioneering training that combines the technological area with the areas of creativity and arts
  • Prepares competent professionals capable of acting in the research and development of emerging technological products, in order to respond to the growing challenges of the industry
  • Allows students to develop a portfolio of multidisciplinary projects in emerging areas, with a strong growth and demand by the industry
  • The opportunity to be in touch to the industry, through public presentations of projects with the participation of specialized professionals


Saídas Profissionais

The Master opens doors for building solid careers related to the development of the new generation of creative intelligent systems, in emerging technological areas that combine technology with creativity and the arts (dean of technology, innovation and research; artificial intelligence and machine learning engineer, intelligent systems and IoT developer) in areas as diverse as health, smart cities, transport, the environment, the creative industries, among many others.

Graduates in Creative Computing and Artificial Intelligence will also be prepared to continue their studies at the doctorate level.

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