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The DBA effectively applies state of the art knowledge to specific issues in management, enhancing the quality of your decision-making. With this research-based, problem-driven qualification, you, as a manager, will be able to significantly further your professional skills by making effective use of the most suitable conceptual and theoretical frameworks. The DBA is for graduates in any field of knowledge with appropriate business and management experience who wish to pursue a doctoral degree while still actively engaged in their professions. The fast-paced, dynamic business world of today calls for leaders with a constantly-evolving knowledge of the business environment and the know-how and flexibility to meet new and often daunting challenges.

In Portugal there is no better place to come for your DBA than the BRU-IUL. As a school, we have been closely linked to the business world since our inception.  We actively support applied business research within a stimulating atmosphere. All of our faculty members have held senior business positions, and are highly skilled at linking business practice to real management issues and applied research.

This program started in 2006 and that the estimated time for completion is 4 years. Up to know several students have already graduated.

The DBA gives you the ideal chance to reflect on critical management issues while carrying out in-depth research.  If you want to make a contribution to the ideas and practices with research that is interesting and innovative, our DBA is the programme you’ve been looking for.


The DBA has an annual fee that varies depending on the stage in which the participant is in the Program.

In the 1st year annual fee is €9.000; In the 2nd year is €6.000;  and €6.000 in the following years. 

Number of Vacancies: Given the nature and mode of organization of the Program only up to 12 candidates will be accepted.

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