Materiais e Processamentos Avançados

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Apresentação do Curso

The doctoral program proposed on Advanced Materials and Processing is in-line with the objectives defined in the 1st Materials Summit organized in 2010 [1], by the European Commision , that considers Advanced Materials as one of the five Key Enabling Technologies [2]. It offers a widely interdisciplinary 3rd Cycle, built from the competence and experience of the research institutions and academic departments that have been engaged in the main effort on national grounds to create and promote original innovative research, high education and innovation in technology inside the domain of materials and related areas of science and engineering since early eighties of last century. 

The program is tuned with high ranking European Universities, Institutes and running European PhD network programs, turning so the graduates more competitive worldwide and in particular in Europe, besides opening routes of R&D collaboration of the personnel involved, strengthen so Portuguese competitiveness towards European R&D projects and networking. 


Saídas Profissionais

Ensuring the training of specialists with strong innovation and promotion of technological progress capabilities, in the area of Advanced Materials and Processing, this doctoral program has as professional outputs teaching and/or scientific research careers as well as integration into the labor market in areas ranging from various industries (ceramics and glass, polymers and molds, automotive and aerospace, metal mechanics, electronics and computers, etc.) in R&D+i and technology development, production, quality control, regulatory and technology transfer to consulting . Among the skills with which it is intended to endow young doctors are: critical thinking, conceptual autonomy and entrepreneurship, enhancing the possible creation of new businesses.