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Apresentação do Curso

The Master in Management of Services and Technology (MMST) is an unique advanced educational programme in Technology and Operations Management (TOM) that focuses on both industry and service domains. This programme aims at developing modern, updated, proactive, accountable and socially responsible managers, specifically focused on business operations. Graduates are prepared to excel, to lead, to learn and to become ethical (intra/)entrepreneurs in any international arena. They might also pursue a career in research by attending the PhD of this line of studies in TOM, where three independent cycles of studies interact and are integrated to extend the previous one.



Fully committed to help our students to succeed by developing management knowledge and practice that prepares future managers to lead organisations towards a positive impact on society, in a global world.

Generic objectives for the study programme

  • To pursue a modern view that positions both operations and innovation at the core of the generation of competitive advantage, by developing the business in an integrated holistic way that includes cooperative processes of collective learning that are supported by innovative collaborative alliances targeting a co-creation of value that might call for a reformulation of the product-service relationship.
  • To be able to independently design, deploy, operate and improve complex interdisciplinary production systems that are leveraged by the technology and that integrate people, materials and financial resources targeting making available quality goods and services in a flexible and efficient way, in such conditions that satisfy the social needs and, in a sustainable, entrepreneur and proactive, but also reliable and ethical way.


Saídas Profissionais

Among the alumni of 2014/2015:

The MSc in Management of Services and Technology has an employment rate of 100% up to 12 months after completion of Programme. The sectors most represented in the recruit of master’s graduates are the Large Distribution & Retail, Retail & Services, Banking and Industry & Energy. In this range of sectors, some of the major recruiters are Jerónimo Martins, Sonae MC – Well’s, Tabaqueira – Philip Morris International, and EDP.


Valor Anual

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