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Apresentação do Curso

Our Ph.D. in Tourism Management is a multidisciplinary, rigorous, comprehensive, yet flexible program of formal research within a variety of specialization study streams (see below). As a student, you will benefit from the resources of two outstanding universities, Universidade Europeia (UE) and Instituto Universitario de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL), who have partnered to make this program available to the global community. Our Ph.D. in Tourism Management opens a window of opportunities for you to further develop a variety of skills, including research, analytical, critical thinking, and writing for publication skills.

Scientific Member: Ana Cláudia Campos


Objetivos do curso

To develop the student´s ability to undertake rigorous research, such that the student makes an original contribution to academic knowledge and the practice of tourism and hospitality;
To ensure the very best learning experience in a vibrant academic environment where national and international networks support the student´s growth;
To nurture a cohort of high quality students to become world-class tourism and hospitality researchers and academic scholars who seek positions in academia, business, or governmental organizations.


Metas de Aprendizagem

To develop deep and systematic insights on tourism and hospitality topical issues, including stakeholder issues;
To ensure the design and implementation of sound research plans according to ethical and methodological norms;
To develop the ability to critique and improve research in tourism and hospitality;
To create an awareness of the best research practices worldwide;
To develop regional, national and international networks.

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