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Apresentação do Curso

The Master in Finance (MIF) at CATÓLICA-LISBON is designed for experienced professionals who want a high-level career. If you work in the Finance area and wish to advance in your career or change area by deepening your financial knowledge, then the Master in Finance is the program for you.

Over a period of one and a half years, the Master in Finance (MIF) participants are exposed to a wide range of subjects which are carefully designed to strike a good balance between theory and practice. The course also covers soft skills topics that will enhance the participants’ ability to communicate, negotiate and manage others with greater success.

The MIF starts by covering the fundamentals of modern corporate finance, asset pricing, capital markets, financial analysis and quantitative methods. Participants then build on this broad foundation through a rich menu of advanced courses in areas such as investment banking, financial innovation, asset management and advanced corporate financing and valuation. In addition, participants will benefit from several Frontier of Knowledge Seminars led by distinguished practitioners. These seminars are the perfect opportunity for participants to get an inside perspective from leading experts on key issues in Finance.

MIF is recognized, internationally, as a CFA Program Partner. This means that our students are qualified for the main body of knowledge classified by the CFA Institute.
This is a clear recognition of the program’s outstanding quality from the supervisory and regulatory institutions.

The MIF at CATÓLICA-LISBON provides participants with the knowledge, skills and versatility to successfully build financial careers at the highest level.

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